September 23:  Children and Death

Bridging the Gap:  Services for Children and their Families
Tim Ayers, Carolyn Kondo and Irwin Sandler (G & B Ch. 11)

Grief after Terrorism:  Toward a Family-Focused Intervention
Grace Christ, Dianne Kane and Heidi Horsley

Documenting Children's Life Stories
Mieke de Prieter and An Hooghe (TGT Ch. 50)

The Story Mountain
Patsy Way (TGT Ch. 51)

Memory Work with Children
Linda Goldman (TGT Ch. 62)

Bibliotherapy with Children
Joanne Robinson (TGT Ch. 78)

September 30:  Framing Grief & Bereavement

Presence, Process & Procedure:  A Relational Frame for Grief Therapy
Robert A. Neimeyer (TGT Ch. 1)

The Empathic Spirit in Grief Therapy
Jeffrey Kauffman (TGT Ch. 2)

SELAH:  A Mindfulness Guide through Grief
Joanne Cacciatore (TGT Ch. 3)

Mapping the Terrain of Loss:  Grief and not Grief
Phyllis Kosminsky (TGT Ch. 6)

Loss Timelines
Alison Dunton (TGT Ch. 47)

Virtual Dream Stories
Robert A. Neimeyer (TGT Ch 48)

October 7:  Seeking Meaning in Loss

The Historical Landscape of Loss:  Development of Bereavement Studies
Colin Murray Parkes (G & B Ch. 1)

​Meaning Reconstruction in Bereavement:  From Principles to Practice
Robert A. Neimeyer & Diana C. Sands (G & B Ch. 2)

​The Body of Trust
Diana Sands (TGT Ch. 20)

Finding Meaning through the Attitude One Takes
Wendy Lichtenthal and William Breitbart (TGT Ch. 41)

Directed Journaling to Facilitate Meaning Making
Wendy Lichtenthal and Robert A. Neimeyer (TGT Ch. 42)

Analogical Listening 
​Robert A. Neimeyer (TGT Ch. 14)

October 14:  Fall Break

October 21:  The Continuing Bond

​Tracking through Bereavement:  A Framework for Intervention

Simon Shimshon Rubin (TGT Ch. 4)

Attachment and Coping with Bereavement

Emmanuelle Zech and Carrie Arnold (G & B Ch. 3)

Introducing the Deceased

Lorraine Hedtke (TGT Ch. 65)

Correspondence with the Deceased

Robert A. Neimeyer (TGT Ch. 67)

Envisioning Connection through Guided Imagery
Courtney Armstrong (TGT Ch. 66)

The Life Imprint

Robert A. Neimeyer (TGT Ch. 70)

November 11:  Grief at the End of Life

Bereavement Services Provided under the Hospice Model of Care
Stephen Connor and Barbara Monroe (G & B Ch. 25)

Grief Dimensions Associated with Hastened Death
Louis Gamino and Clint Moore (G & B Ch. 30)

"Moments Held" Documentary 
Todd Hochberg (TGT Ch. 72)

Life Review
Mimi Benko (TGT Ch. 46)

What's in a Name?
Jane Moss (TGT Ch. 56)

Behavioral Activation
Laura Holcomb (TGT Ch. 28)

November 25:  Loss of a Child

Parenting Challenges after the Death of a Child
Jennifer Buckle and Stephen Fleming (G & B Ch. 9)

Bereavement in Children and Adults following the Death of a Sibling
Brenda Marshall and Betty Davies (G & B Ch. 10)

Family Therapy for the Bereaved
David Kissane and An Hooghe (G & B Ch. 22)

Exploring Grief with Photography
Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds (in Bereavement Care)

The Kindness Project
Joanne Cacciatore (TGT Ch. 84)

Opening the Family Photo Album
Louis Gamino (TGT Ch. 59)

Talking about Talking with Couples and Families
An Hooghe (TGT Ch. 82)

August 26:  The Gifts of Grief

Getting to Know You:  Opening Dialogues

Collateral Beauty:  Film and discussion

No readings due for this week

September 2:  Labor Day

September 9:  Diversity in Loss & Grief

Culture and Ethnicity in Experiencing, Policing and Handling Grief
Dennis Klass and Amy Chow (G & B Ch. 26)

The Influence of Gender and Socialization on Grieving Styles
Terry Martin and Ken Doka (G & B Ch. 7)

Grief in GLBT Populations:  Focus on Gay and Lesbian Youth
Linda Goldman and Vincent Livoti (G & B Ch. 19)

"The Remedy is not Working:: Social Justice in Bereavement
Valerie Molaison, Tashel Bordere and Kathleen Fowler (G & B Ch. 29)

The Workplace Study Circle 
Barbara Barski-Carrow (TGT Ch. 83)

Playing with Playlists
Joy Berger (TGT Ch. 54)

September 16:  Ambiguous Loss

Grief in the Midst of Ambiguity and Uncertainty
Pauline Boss, Susan Roos and Darcy Harris (G & B Ch. 13)

Giving Voice to Nonfinite Loss and Grief in Bereavement
Cynthia Schultz and Darcy Harris (G & B Ch. 18)

Social Expectations of the Bereaved
Darcy Harris

Pet Loss
Betty Cormack and Wendy Packman (G & B Ch. 21)

The "Barefoot Walkabout"
Joanne Cacciatore (TGT Ch. 88)

Reaching through Sorrow to Legacy
Thomas Attig (TGT Ch. 71)

October 28:  Grief Therapy

The Art Studio Process
Sharon Strouse and Jill LaMorie (TGT Ch. 58)

Treating Complicated Grief:  Converging Approaches
Katherine Shear, Paul Boelen and Robert A. Neimeyer (G & B Ch. 12)

A Task Based Approach for Counseling the Bereaved

J. William Worden and Howard Winokuer (G & B Ch. 6)

Chair Work
Robert A. Neimeyer (TGT Ch. 69)

Guided Imaginal Conversations with the Deceased

John R. Jordan (TGT Ch. 68)

Goal Setting for Self-Care during the Grieving Process

Laura Holcomb (TGT Ch. 73)

Weekly Schedule

Note:  All readings and the associated reflection papers are  due on the dates listed.  Because students will be evaluated on the basis of their general participation in class and their performance in small group exercises, attendance is essential, and more than one class missed without prior excuse will result in a  lowering of the course grade by 2 of 100 total possible points for the semester.

Except as noted, all readings will be drawn from the class texts:

Techniques of Grief Therapy (TGT)


Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society (G & B)

December 2:  Extending Support

Technology and Grief Support in the 21st Century
Kathleen Gilbert and Gloria Horsley (G & B Ch. 28)

Bereavement and Disasters

Pal Kristensen and Maria-Helena Franco (G & B Ch. 15)

Grief and Loss Support on the Web
Gloria Horsley and Heidi Horsley (TGT Ch. 79)

Addressing Therapeutic Ruptures in Bereavement Support Groups
Christopher Makinnon and colleagues (TGT Ch. 81)

Wisdom Circles for when Helping Hurts
Lara Krawchuck (TGT Ch. 92)

November 18:  Spirituality in Bereavement

Religion and Spirituality in Adjusting to Bereavement
Crystal Park and Roshi Joan Halifax (G & B Ch. 27)

Complicated Spiritual Grief II
Laurie A. Burke and colleagues (In Death Studies)

Spiritual Devotionals
Laurie A. Burke and Tina Elacqua (TGT Ch. 45)

Therapeutic Ritual
Ken Doka (TGT Ch. 87)

Supporting the "Lost Ritual" after a Suicide Death 
Dorren Marshall (TGT Ch. 91)

Assessing a Buddhist Treatment for Bereavement and Loss
Robert A. Neimeyer and Polly Young-Eisendrath (in Death Studies)

November 4:  Traumatic Loss

Restorative Retelling:  Revising the Narrative of Traumatic Death
Edward K. Rynearson and Alison Salloum (G & B Ch. 14)

Is Suicide Bereavement Different?
John R. Jordan and John L. MacIntosh (G & B Ch. 17)

Complicated Grief and Trauma:  What to Treat First?
Stephen Fleming (TGT Ch. 21)

Invoking an Alliance with the Deceased after Violent Death
Edward K. Rynearson (TGT Ch. 23)

Retelling the Narrative of the Death
Robert A. Neimeyer (TGT Ch. 22)

Changing Catastrophic Misinterpretations with Behavioral Experiments
Paul Boelen and Paul van den Bout (TGT Ch. 32)