For an interview by Psychology Today with Bob about his newest book, click here.

The host of the "Misunderstood" podcast, Zach Rawlings, interviews Bob on "Good Grief," covering common misconceptions about bereavement and adaptation in its wake.  

For a Routledge interview with Bob about Techniques of Grief Therapy:  Assessment and Intervention, click here.

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The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance) has produced a landmark report entitled Responding to Grief, Trauma, and Distress After a Suicide: U.S. National Guidelines, the first-ever comprehensive, strategic document outlining how communities can effectively respond to the devastating impact of suicide loss. The National Guidelines, developed by the Action Alliance’s Survivors of Suicide Loss (SOSL) Task Force, paves the way for decisive advances in postvention services, including support for the bereaved after a suicide. As one of 12 Task Force members, Bob joined other leaders in issuing a call to action to strengthen and expand care to meet the needs of the bereaved and others who suffer from the effects of suicide loss. 

For more information about the SOSL Task Force and to download a full copy of the National Guidelines, click here.

The Misunderstood podcast aims to disperse the fear, stigma, and silence that cloud topics around mental health. By using stories that shed a personal light on these subjects that so often go unshared, we're putting a voice to problems that become bigger the less we talk about them. Our intent is to move closer—to pay attention, ask good questions, and walk in another’s shoes to get a better understanding of how mental health affects all of us.

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Our connections define us, and we can accomplish far more together than we can independently.  I'm therefore happy to support the good efforts of people, organizations and web sites that share a common purpose, and with whom I collaborate in various ways.  Feel free to explore the following links to hear or read interviews with me, see video clips, or learn more about people, projects and products that converge with my interests in loss and the quest for meaning, both in the world of psychotherapy and beyond.

Zach Rawlings, MA, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor


The Gift of Service

For Polly Giantonio's interview with Bob about the truest form of sympathy gift, click here.

AfterTalk is a unique site where the bereaved can write to their deceased loved ones in ways that are both comforting and healing, save this writing for as long as they wish, and share it with family and friends or even their grief therapist.  Additional resources on the site include an ongoing blog on the loss experiences of readers and a professional advice column for grievers, Ask Dr. Neimeyer, in which Bob responds to new questions each week about loss and adaptation.  To visit AfterTalk, click here.  

To listen to Dr. Neimeyer's interview with AfterTalk host Lisa Bogatin about both public and private losses, click here.

Franklin Cook and Jack Jordan, co-leads with Karen Moyer of the SOSL Task Force.

For Heather's interview with Bob about his newest book, click here.

Is there such a thing as normal grief?

A video interview with

Bob Neimeyer at the Pütz-Roth Funeral Home in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

For interview in English with German subtitles, click here.