25 April:  Re-authoring Lives

Madigan pp. 71-172

11 April:  Immunity to Change

Kegan, R. & Lahey, L. (2009).  Immunity to change.  Boston:  Harvard. (pp. 209-251)

28 March:  Chair work

Greenberg pp. 65-133

8 February:  The Life Portrait

Savickas pp. 37-80

4 April:  Coherence Therapy

Ecker, B. & Hulley, L. (2008).  Coherence Therapy:  Swift change at the roots of symptom production.  In J. Raskin & S. Bridges (Eds.), Studies in meaning 3:  Constructivist psychotherapy in the real world.  New York:  Pace University Press.

Weekly Schedule

Note:  All readings and the associated reflection papers are  due on the dates listed.  Because students will be evaluated on the basis of their general participation in class and their performance in small group exercises, attendance is essential, and more than one class missed without prior excuse will result in a  lowering of the course grade.

Except as noted, all readings will be drawn from the class texts, denoted below by their author.  Occasional  supplmental readings can be downloaded directly from this site.

6 February:  Performing Change: 

Bringing Stories to Life

Barak, A. (2013).  Playback theatre and narrative therapy:  Introducing a new model.  Dramatherapy, 35, 108-119.

Smigelsky, M. A., Neimeyer, R. A., Murphy, V. et al. (2016).  Performing the Peace:  Utiliizing Playback Theatre in the strengthening of police-community relations.  Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action, in review.

7 March:  Spring Break

1 February:  Constructing Career, Constructing the Self

Savickas pp. 5-36

Murphy, V. R. & Neimeyer, R. A. (2014).  Playback Theatre.  In B. E. Thompson and R. A. Neimeyer (Eds.), Grief and the expressive arts:  Practices for creating meaning (pp. 89-93).  New York:  Routledge.

25 January:  Intervening in Meaning

Neimeyer, R. A., Anderson, A. & Stockton, L. (2001).  Snakes versus ladders: A validation of laddering technique as a measure of hierarchical structure. Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 14, 83-103.

29 February:  A Psychology of Questioning

Mair pp. 82-142

Neimeyer, R. A., Ray, L., Hardison, H., Raina,, K., Kelly, R. & Krantz, J.  (2003). Fixed role in a fishbowl:  Consultation- based fixed role therapy as a pedagogical technique.  Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 16, 243-271.

14 March:  The Community of Selves

Mair pp. 146-211

18 April:  Narrative Therapy

Madigan, pp. 3-70

22 February:  Toward a Conversational Psychology

Mair pp. 33-81

Kelly, G. A. (1969).  Man's construction of his alternatives.  In B. Maher (Ed.), Clinical psychology and personality. New York:  Wiley.

21 March:  Working with Emotion

Greenberg pp. 3-63

15 February:  No meeting