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If life offers any certainty, it is the certainty of transition.  Whether we are contending with the difficult loss of persons, places, projects or possessions we held dear, or are facing new challenges in our work or personal lives, we often benefit from an opportunity to reflect on who we have been, who we are, and who we are becoming.  As a setting for meaning-oriented psychotherapy and coaching, Transitions provides a space for engaging the difficult questions life often poses.  ​​

Psychologist Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD, and his associates subscribe to the philosophy that life challenges, even the most painful or uncertain, contain the seeds of new possibility, and that a serious engagement with them can open the door to a life of renewed purpose and pursuit of valued goals.  As a therapist specializing in the experience of loss and transition, Neimeyer attempts to listen between the lines of the stories that his clients tell themselves and others about their lives, and discern the threads that lead to a more livable and meaningful future.  And in their own specialized work with lawyers, judges, business leaders and others seeking to develop their unique strengths and foster community with others, his associates share this optimistic outlook.

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A Place for Healing, a Place for Growth

"It is only by risking ourselves from one hour to another that we live at all."  --William James

Robert Dove, LCSW, worked for many years as the Director of the Student Counseling Center at Rhodes College, where he  provided therapy to students and their families contending with a large variety of life transitions.   At Rhodes and at the Crosstown Concourse, Rob also has classes on mindful meditation, and is proud to have served as the Chair of the College's Sexual Assault Task Force.  Rob has taught both individual and group therapy at the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Social Work and has extensive experience in supervising and training graduate students in social work and psychology.  He received his masters degree in social work at Smith College and trained at the Menninger Institute. 

Rob specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and grief.  He believes that it helps to have someone stand alongside us as we speak to and make sense of what we have lost.   He is  interested in the difference between guilt and shame--between, "I have done a bad thing" and "I am a bad thing."  How do we make sense of our mistakes and our regrets in a way that allows us to learn from them, and to extend the same kindness and compassion to ourselves that we would readily extend to a friend?  

Rob works with individuals and families to address relationship issues, particularly the challenges that arise as young men or women negotiate the transition from being a teenager to being a young adult.  Rob also works with couples to address the disagreements, mistakes and frustration that are a part of any committed relationship between two good people.   He believes that love is worth fighting for, and that while love is necessary, it is not enough.  Good long-term relationships require an awful lot of work, by both parties, and there are no guarantees.

Rob works with survivors of sexual assault and other traumas.  He recognizes the vividness and immediacy that memories of trauma often have when compared to other memories, and the ways in which they can sometimes cause us to doubt our ability to fully heal.  He sees the work of therapy, in part, as a process by which survivors reclaim those aspects of themselves--the capacity to trust, confidence, the ability to feel calm or safe--that trauma often disrupts.

Rob believes that most of us want very much to invest our daily lives with meaning, to identify and give expression to our most deeply held values, and to do our imperfect best to live in accordance with those values.  It is a therapist's job to provide a place where people can engage in the struggles that are sometimes necessary if we are to live a mindful and deliberate life. 

Consultant and coach Kathy Story, MA, JD, brings over 30 years experience in counseling, education, and law to her individual and organizational clients. She facilitates personal growth and professional development through increased self-awareness, reflection, and application of learning, with the goal to foster enhanced professional relationships and organizational development. Kathy’s clients include lawyers, local and national professional associations, court systems, and non-profit agencies. Kathy is a certified consultant for the EQ in Action Profile and a certified facilitator for the Immunity to Change exercise.  For corporate, legal and professional organizations she offers mentor and diversity training, as well as a range of experiential learning workshops on such topics as Learning Styles and Team Success, Developing Authentic Leadership, and Creating Effective Presentations.  Her leadership training program for attorneys has been recognized by the American Bar Association’s Professionalism Award.

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